This campaign was designed to bring awareness to Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage month. I wanted to highlight historical A/PI American figures, as well as the California APIL Caucus award candidates for 2021. After developing the branding, including the logo, I researched all of the figures, created their copy and illustrated their likeness. I then created social media graphics in three different sizes to fit all platforms.
There were several parts to the campaign. The first was developing the style guide and logo used across print and digital content, including a GIPHY sticker version. The second was developing content of the main historical figures, which included David Da-I Ho, Patsy Mink and Gary Locke. 
Brand was developed working with APIL Caucus to determine the aesthetics for their campaign. These elements were incorporated into their print materials used on the CA State Assembly floor to honor AAPI Heritage Month during session.
2022 Social Media

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